“Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time.”

The soft powdery technique she uses for all permanent makeup ages gracefully and always looks undetectable as a tattoo just enhancing the natural beauty of the face. This is a leading edge technique that she has perfected. Trust the process. 

Good work is not cheap, and cheap work is not good. 

All prices have been thoughtfully considered, and you will not regret making a good and worthy investment on your body. 

Let’s get this out of the way

It does not age well, and it scars the skin. 

Kelly does not do microblading.

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Powder brow or ombré brow

The analogy given to describe this tattoo is like a watercolor brow on your face. 
Forget waxy, heavy, and messy topical brow pencils that can smudge (leaving you with a wonky expression all day) or taking up your getting ready time in the morning. 
This procedure is better than a brow pencil. It’s delicate, and placed just under the skin, so you can't get more natural than this modern technique. 
A bolder makeup look can also be achieved upon request, so it's a personal preference. 

This technique is a double process. It's done in 2 sessions usually (not always), but a 6-8 week touch up is included in all initial procedures. 
Sometimes there is a third touchup required for a small charge.
The yield result should mimic a watercolor soft, translucent but dimensional brow. NOT an oil painting on your face, or a sharpie eyebrow. It’s delicate and undetectable as a tattoo, appears softer, and more natural than brow powder which is topical and sometimes looks messy when drawn.

This procedure requires three hours for the first session, and an hour and a half for the second session.

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A consultation is required before booking an eyeliner appointment, for many reasons. I take consultations by email, phone or in person. I need to determine the type of skin your eyelid has to decide what type of eyeliner you might be a candidate for.

This technique is a double process. It's done in 2 sessions usually (not always), but a 6-8 week touchup is included in all initial procedures. 
Sometimes there is a third touchup required for a small charge. 

There are three different types of eyeliners that Kelly offers. 
Not everyone is a candidate for all of the eyeliners. 

This technique is most subtle and natural. This tattoo is just in between all the rows of the eyelashes, giving the eyelashes a darker, denser appearance. Clients love this look because it's timeless, so it's never going to age poorly or go out of style. 
It's basically undetectable as a permanent makeup procedure; it just gives a denser appearance in that lash line where it's impossible to keep eyeliner makeup on.
Most people are a candidate for this technique. 
The first session is nearly three hours, and the touchup is an hour and a half.

Lash enhancement, or lash line tattoo


You must be a candidate if you want this style, so please schedule a consultation first. Not everyone is a candidate for this type of tattoo for a few reasons (due to skin folds, type of skin, visible capillaries etc.). This tattoo technique includes lash enhancement, and a delicate upward wing direction done with shadow; again, using a semi-translucent powdery look with a defined upward direction. Keeping this shadow soft and natural will ensure that it ages well and fades nicely for future adjustments years to come. Kelly does not do heavy, thick, dark eyeliner. She prefers her work to be semi-translucent, mimicking a soft powder or pencil look because she’s considerate of how it will age and longevity. For that reason, she uses rich brown pigments or dilute blacks. You never want eyeliner to turn blue — heavy, dark, and thick eyeliners turn blue. 
The first session is three hours, and the touchup is an hour and a half.

Shaded eyeliner or eyeshadow eyeliner


This type of tattoo is the most dramatic, so make sure you are ready for the commitment as it will take longer to fade. This is more defined than the shaded liner. It includes lash enhancement and then goes above the lash line to create a bold liner effect with a wing if that's what they want. This type of tattoo is good for cover ups, or for a bold makeup look. Again, not every client is a candidate for this type of tattoo so please consult first. 
Kelly is considerate of how she wants it to age and longevity. For that reason, Kelly always uses a light hand. You never want eyeliner to turn blue — heavy, dark, and thick eyeliners turn blue. 
The first session is three hours, and the touchup is an hour and a half.

Classic eyeliner 


Kelly does not prefer to do bottom liner, as she doesn’t personally think it ages as well or looks natural. It is detectable as a tattoo.
However, she will do these liners upon request for an additional hour and fee of $100. 

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Lip blushing or lipstick Tattoo 

Lip blushing tattoo can be done on lightish lips or virgin lips, giving it a semi-translucent watercolor blush tone to your lips. This will fade with time if not oversaturated, giving you more options during future touch ups. Adding a little lip gloss on top can transform your natural look and give it a pop, or you can leave it matte and it just looks like you have those baby pink lips. 
The goal with this watercolor technique is to match the pinkest part of the inside of your lip and putting that all over without a border line that’s too harsh, but definitely gives you definition. It’s absolutely beautiful!
This technique is a double process. It's done in 2 sessions, but a 6-8 week touchup is included in all initial procedures. 
Sometimes there is a third touchup required for a small charge.

Lip blushing tattoo


The lipstick tattoo can be done to neutralize or lighten darker lips for a lip correction or to cover old permanent makeup. Sometimes this requires that third touchup. You can choose any color and they are fully saturated, giving you an opaque lipstick look. These do not lighten as fast.
This technique is a double process. It's done in 2 sessions usually (not always), but a 6-8 week touchup is included in all initial procedures. 
Sometimes there is a third touchup required for a small charge.
Four hours for the first session, and two hours for the second session

lipstick tattoo


Is it permanent or semi permanent?

The truth is it's pretty permanent… but it will fade over time, requiring touchups in the future if you choose to keep it up. The more touchups you get, the more permanent it becomes. Kelly suggests letting it fade 50-80% before scheduling a touchup. Everyone fades at a different rate, so don't throw away your makeup just yet… you may need a bit here and there to touch yourself up as it goes! As far as it fading away completely? Well, sometimes, but it's rare for it to completely disappear and if it does, it takes several years. Permanent makeup is supposed to be undetectable as a tattoo and not a heavy makeup look, but just enough to enhance your natural features. 
This is a superficial tattoo. What this means is that the needle is about the size of an acupuncture needle, and the depth of the pigment should be placed in the upper layer of the dermis so that it does fade with time. This is what we want so that adjustments in shape and color can be made at future touchups.

ALL cover ups require a consultation. Major corrections will not be performed. 

Pre-care and after care

Blot the eyebrows every couple hours with a dry tissue on the first day. That evening, give your brows a gentle rinse In the sink, very gently massaging the brows with your clean fingers to loosen up any skin that’s trying to make a scab on your new eyebrows. Pat dry. After that, apply a very sheer amount of the ointment that I provide. In the morning, repeat this process, making sure to reapply the ointment. Blot them with a dry tissue if weeping occurs. That evening, repeat the process. 


Rinse your eyes both morning and evening. You can rinse them after your procedure as well if they’re feeling gritty or uncomfortable. Pat your eyes dry immediately afterwards. The surrounding area of the eye must stay dry!
Do not use any eyedrops! If you feel you must, just give your eyes a rinse and pat them dry.
Absolutely do not wear any makeup, or put any moisturizers on the eye area for at least two weeks. No contacts for the first week.
If your eyes are tender after the procedure, you can use a cold compress — but do not use a wet compress.
Try not to cry, and absolutely no touching the eyes! Do not pick or scratch the area.


Use a damp paper towel to blot the lips several times a day, removing any skin that’s trying to form a scab. Before applying new ointment, remove any old ointment with a damp paper towel. Apply a sheer amount of ointment and keep them moist throughout the day (you do not need to over apply, just do not let the lips dry out). Before eating, you can layer on a heavy amount of the Aquaphor ointment that I provide you with, in order to protect the lips like a barrier.
  • Avoid greasy/oily/salty/spicy foods for one week
  • Avoid hot drinks, soups, and messy foods for one week
  • Drink everything with a straw — even water
  • No kissing, smoking, rubbing, or irritating the area
  • Absolutely no icing the lips, do not apply ice to the lips


  • Touching, rubbing, picking, or scratching the treated area. Let any flaky skin naturally shed. Picking your scabs can cause scarring and uneven retention. 
  • Water, cleaners, creams and other products on treated areas for 7 days.
  • Wearing any makeup on treated areas for at least 2 weeks.
  • Direct sun exposure or UV tanning for 3-4 weeks.
  • Heavy sweating (working out, saunas, spas), bathing/steamy showers, or swimming underwater for 10 days.


The full healing process takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. First, you will feel like the pigment is too dark. The area may even appear swollen. Then, the second week it may appear as if the color has been lost after your skin sloughs and peels. Hopefully not too much if you’re minding the aftercare rules. Lastly, the skin will regenerate and naturally exfoliate, and the pigment will reappear between three and four weeks. Please be Patient with the process!

  • Note that anti-aging creams, retinol/Proactive acne products, glycolic acid, and other chemical peel products on the area can cause accelerated color loss.
  • If you’re planning any chemical, botox, fillers, MRI, or other medical procedures, inform the technician that you have had a cosmetic tattoo. There must be careful application to avoid affecting the tattoo.
  • If you are planning to have laser treatments, tell your technician to avoid the pigmented area. Procedures may darken, lighten, or discolor the tattoo. 

Long-Term Care

Permanent makeup is a two-step process. Your touchups are just as important as your initial visit. Healing varies from client to client. 

Kind words

From past clients

Sharon H.

Kelly does a great job, and tells you everything you need to know with a touch.
She’s amazing, very meticulous and talented!

Terri M

Kelly’s expertise and attention to detail is excellent. Highly recommend her. She is an artist

Gilia R.

I'm very picky....and Kelly is great! Very professional and excellent attention to detail!

Sheila D

Kelly was so attentive to helping me determine the style and color most flattering for my permanent eyeliner. I am beyond happy with my experience and results. Thank you, Kelly.

Jennifer P

Kelly was awesome. She talked with me and I had a good time being there. She gave me frequent breaks when I needed one, and she did a really great job. She is a terrific artist. When my brows are healed, they're going to be awesome! Thanks so much, Kelly!

Kay C. 

This was a great experience! Excellent workmanship and top quality in every way! Results of the highest perfection! Love this place! Thank you so much Kelly!

Nancy T.

Had a great experience. Can't wait to see the finished product! Kelly is very attentive and wants the client to be totally satisfied!