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3-D Areola Tattooing

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3-d Areola Tattoo

While most everyone is familiar with permanent makeup, many women are unaware that cosmetic tattooing is available specifically for women who have endured breast surgeries after a battle with breast cancer. While mastectomies, thankfully, save lives, women can struggle with their body image afterwards. The 3D areola tattoos I offer can help breast cancer survivors restore the appearance of lifelike areolas.

The 3D areola tattoo is a non-surgical solution that uses shadows & highlights to create texture, depth, & detail on the newly reconstructed breast. This technique creates the most realistic looking nipples (pictured). Each tattoo is designed specifically for each client’s unique breasts and circumstances. If only one areola is needed, I can match the tattooed nipple to the remaining one. Similarly, this technique can also be used to simply camouflage scarring around the areola from a breast augmentation.

This procedure can typically be done 4-6 months after reconstructive surgery, but in some cases 12-18 months of healing is necessary. A consultation is recommended before booking the appointment so that the skin’s tissue can be properly evaluated in order to determine the safest time to proceed with the tattoo. I’m looking forward to meeting you and answering all your questions about this process, and more importantly, honor your journey by restoring your nipples!



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Sharon H.

Kelly does a great job, and tells you everything you need to know with a touch.
She’s amazing, very meticulous and talented!

Terri M

Kelly’s expertise and attention to detail is excellent. Highly recommend her. She is an artist

Gilia R.

I'm very picky....and Kelly is great! Very professional and excellent attention to detail!

Sheila D

Kelly was so attentive to helping me determine the style and color most flattering for my permanent eyeliner. I am beyond happy with my experience and results. Thank you, Kelly.

Jennifer P

Kelly was awesome. She talked with me and I had a good time being there. She gave me frequent breaks when I needed one, and she did a really great job. She is a terrific artist. When my brows are healed, they're going to be awesome! Thanks so much, Kelly!

Kay C. 

This was a great experience! Excellent workmanship and top quality in every way! Results of the highest perfection! Love this place! Thank you so much Kelly!

Nancy T.

Had a great experience. Can't wait to see the finished product! Kelly is very attentive and wants the client to be totally satisfied!