TRaining by Kelly

Interested in the permanent makeup field and all the possibilities it held for me. I had just gone through a challenging divorce and needed to find a way to support my kids while still being present for them. I had been in the beauty industry since I was 18, and I was curious… but PMU was still new and wildly unrefined. I ended up wasting thousands of dollars on training that was less than desirable, and I spent a few years of sleepless nights of trial and error with clients perfecting my art.

Present day, it’s my pleasure and my passion to help you avoid the various pitfalls I stumbled upon.

My goal with this training is to encourage you and equip you with all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years through owning my own business and countless training sessions so that you don’t have to experience the struggles I did. I’ve done the footwork and weeded out the unnecessary or unreliable methods and products. Look to me as your refined cliffnotes on the leading edge techniques in the permanent makeup industry. 

I want my students to benefit every step of the way, because I never in a million years thought I’d be where I am today. I am making my own schedule, setting my own hours, taking my own vacations, and continuing to do exactly what I want in this line of work… YOU can too! 

Welcome to those looking to train in this industry and unlock a new, satisfying chapter in your life. 

— Seven years ago, I was in your shoes —

A Note from My Students

-Amanda c.

Kelly is a phenomenal trainer!  She was patient, thorough, and hands-off enough to let me learn, but I knew she wouldn't let me fail.  The ongoing support with her mentorship is invaluable.  I came in with 0 experience and left feeling confident enough to start my own business. I'm SO glad I took the leap!

I trained with Kelly for powder/ombre brows.  It was an absolutely amazing training & she was right there by [my] side the whole way. I was nervous at first because I was afraid to mess up, but she made it feel easy & as comfortable as possible. She wants her trainees to be the best & succeed, and not only do you get her 8 years of experience, I can contact her for assistance with future clients.

- Lianne C.

Hands down, this was the best & most resourceful training I've had.  Kelly is a phenomenal traine, she is absolutely amazing! I was so nervous to even try & get into lip blushing, but she made it so comfortable and easy as possible.  She really wants you to succeed.  I have gained so much knowledge & confidence from this training & am so excited to be adding this service. 

- Alysia d.

I was trained by Kelly! I live 2 hours away and would drive every weekend because her class is amazing. She was so amazing I picked up everything extremely quickly being a visual learner, which is her teaching method. And if I struggled with something she explained it in several different ways so that I could get and retain the information! Even though I am graduated from this course I still am able to check with her and ask questions.

- ellyann a.

This [training] is going to be such a positive change for me.
The manual and the training are both so thorough and comprehensive! [Kelly has] a gift for communication. I feel so blessed to have [Kelly] mentor me. 

- tori d.



Select brows OR lips
  • Live model demonstration
  • 1 trainee model
  • Touchup provided by Kelly
  • Receive video of touchup with notes and photos for corrections
  • Generous kit (includes two machines)
  • Ongoing mentorship
  • 2 day training

$2,800 - 20 hours
$500 non-refundable deposit required

Tier 1

A La Carte

learn more


  • Live model demonstration
  • 1 trainee model
  • Touch-up provided by Kelly
  • Receive video of touchup with notes and photos for corrections
  • Generous kit (includes two machines)
  • Ongoing mentorship
  • 4 days total; 2 for brows, 2 for lips

40 hour course
$4,400 ($1,000 non-refundable deposit required) 

Tier 2

Brows & Lips



Live model demonstration
  • 1 trainee model (brows & lips)
  • Touchup provided by Kelly
  • Receive video of touchup with notes and photos for corrections
  • Generous kit (includes two machines)
  • Ongoing mentorship
  • 5 days total; 2 for brows, 2 for lips, 1 day for liner

$5,000 - 50 hours
$1,000 non-refundable deposit required

Tier 3

Brows, Lips, &
Lash Enhancement

  • Generous take home kit includes:
    -Two machines
    -Mapping Pencils
    -Numbing Gel
    -A few surprise goodies!
  • In-depth training manual (no need for excessive note taking)
  • We cover all the bases starting with color theory all the way through photos & editing
  • Latex practice skin
  • Live model demo and practice
  • Certificates
  • Ongoing mentorship/support

Training Faqs



Whether you’re brand new to PMU or looking to sharpen your skills, there’s an option for everyone interested in this practice. Students will leave equipped with Kelly’s 7 years of expertise due to countless trainings and experience. 


If you are already an established artist, please submit photos of your work via email. I’ll be covering various techniques so there’s always an opportunity to learn more, but I’m happy to let you know if it will be worth your while!


Trainees will receive two machines in their kits upon arrival and you'll have the opportunity to test out some of the others I have in my studio to see what feels best in your hand!

Kind words

From past clients

Sharon H.

Kelly does a great job, and tells you everything you need to know with a touch.
She’s amazing, very meticulous and talented!

Terri M

Kelly’s expertise and attention to detail is excellent. Highly recommend her. She is an artist

Gilia R.

I'm very picky....and Kelly is great! Very professional and excellent attention to detail!

Sheila D

Kelly was so attentive to helping me determine the style and color most flattering for my permanent eyeliner. I am beyond happy with my experience and results. Thank you, Kelly.

Jennifer P

Kelly was awesome. She talked with me and I had a good time being there. She gave me frequent breaks when I needed one, and she did a really great job. She is a terrific artist. When my brows are healed, they're going to be awesome! Thanks so much, Kelly!

Kay C. 

This was a great experience! Excellent workmanship and top quality in every way! Results of the highest perfection! Love this place! Thank you so much Kelly!

Nancy T.

Had a great experience. Can't wait to see the finished product! Kelly is very attentive and wants the client to be totally satisfied!